Start a Collection

Analyze. Adapt. Implement. Overcome.

Starting a Collection is quick, easy and pain free. In fact .. it IS free!  

We're changing with the times. After all these days, who isn't?

We're going with the flow. We're doing our best responding to the changing business landscape. After all, bend, don't break, right?

The set up process is pretty simple, and we just need some basic information along with artwork and the products you want to include in your Collection. For detailed information on products and How It Works, click here.

In a nutshell to get you set up, we'll need some basic information, such as ...

  • Business name and address.
  • Type of business (bar, restaurant, club, service, church group, school, etc.)
  • Business contact name, number and email.
  • How you would like to receive your funds (PayPal, Venmo or cashier's/certified check).
  • Website URL and social media links for profile.
  • Sign Up Here.

As for artwork, the easiest and quickest option is to use artwork you already have. Logos, designs, etc. If you don't have any, or would like to create or update any  of your artwork, we can help you with that too.

If you have artwork, here are the art submission requirements:

  • Vectored file formats such as .ai, .eps, or a .pdf (editable), please embed all fonts or convert text to lines and curves 
  • Print-ready .png files, sized to the finished imprint size. Files must be in the RGB color profile at 300 dpi, with a transparent background.
  • note: we cannot use .jpg files (they usually have a white box around the image that will print) or files from social media which are simply too small.

Once we have that, we'll get you mockups for approval and once approved, will upload them to your Collection and provide you with a custom QR code for you to use to help promote your Collection and drive customers to it!

Give us a call at 919 - 349 - 2650, drop us an email at, or contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we'd love to work with you!



Get Signed Up!

If you're a teacher, or know one, drop us a quick note and we'll reach out and get things started.

In the "Comment" section below, please include the following information:

- Teacher's name
- School name
- Email or phone number